Welcome to SkillUp 2.0 - We Help Businesses Grow!


Cuyahoga County is invested in seeing businesses and residents grow and prosper. SkillUp 2.0 provides employers with training plan development and connection to the County’s network of contacts to take your business to the next level.

If you invest in your employees through training, we will invest in you by providing financial incentives.


The Program

SkillUp’s primary service is simple: We help businesses grow.

How? We help employers upskill their workers and then offer generous financial incentives to do it.

Our Goals


Helping you grow and profit as a result of upskilling employees and accessing County resources.


Helping workers broaden their skills to open up career and wage pathways.

What We Do for Your Business

Design a Training Plan

SkillUp LogoOur team of workforce and training development professionals will help you build your unique Training Plan to upskill your current or new employees. Our goal is to give you the tools and expertise to grow your employee skill sets that, in turn, allows your business to be more productive and profitable.

Example: A manufacturing company wants to transition from manual process to an automated software-controlled process. SkillUp creates a Training Plan for their Engineers to learn the new software and a Training Plan for their Operators to utilize the new machines. This new system improves efficiencies significantly thus helping the business to grow. Additionally, if a newly trained employee gets promoted, it can open a new entry-level position for your company.

By designing a training plan centered around earning a credential, both the supervisor and the employee have a clear definition of what success looks like. In addition, you will receive access to the County’s extensive business supports network.


Provide Generous Financial Incentives

The more you and your employees accomplish, the more money you get.

  • 50% of training costs reimbursed GUARANTEED!
    If your employees attend at least one day of the course, we pay 50% of the cost of training.
  • Wage Increase and Training completion Bonus
    A trained employee with new knowledge and skills is a greater asset to you. For that reason, SkillUp 2.0 encourages employers to provide a wage increase when the training plan is completed. We give your company $500 for every $1 per hour wage increase.
  • Credential Attainment $500 Bonus
    Credentials help you and your employees know that certain standards of excellence are met. If you pay your employee a $250 bonus for their hard work for attaining a credential, we reimburse that bonus and give your company an additional $250.
  • Plus Incidentals
    We’ll even reimburse your company an additional $100 for incidental training-related expenses including tutors, practice tests, re-testing, parking, taxis, transportation, uniforms, and books.


Connection to Resources

SkillUp has a network of business resources and can connect you with organizations to solve other business needs as well. Many of these organization provide technical assistance and other services free of charge!


The Process

SkillUp 2.0 will walk you through the process of building a training plan. We can start from scratch or make a few tweaks to a plan you already have.

SkillUp 2.0 Steps

Training plan meeting
Training Plan Review meeting

Contact Us to Learn More

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